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I have the shortest attention span…

Well… I guess I have to start really getting this blog up and running? Haven’t touched it in almost a year. A shame I tell you! I guess my excuse is that I have been busy (then again, that’s what everyone says).

The last few months the smartphone market has really gotten crowded by new, hardcore phones. Phones that impress people like you and me. Phones like the Nokia Lumia 900, Samsung Galaxy S3 (which I have in hand right now!), HTC One X and many others! Quad-cores is getting pretty standard in the high-end Androids, and HD resolution is nothing that turns heads anymore. Where are we gonna be next year by this time? Probably running full HD (1080p) at least. Looks like it’s going to be a lot  of fun for us gadget freaks!

Anyway! I’ll really try to keep this blog up to date now! Probably…


My new blog!

Hello there fellow smartphoners (I assume you are smartphoners since… well.. you visited a blog about smartphones.)

This is my blog. there are many like it, but this one’s mines. My blog is my best friend. It is my life. I must master my blog as I must master my life. Without me, my blog is useless, without my blog, I am useless.

Kudos to whoever gets the reference first!

Here I will blog about the stuff that catches my eyes in the world of smartphones, tabs etc. etc. There will be news, rumors, tests, personal opinions, slaughtering of devices, cakes and much, much more!  You may find that i am somewhat of an Android fan, and that is most surely the truth. I Hold my android devices high and holy! Let it be said that i also think highly about the iOS devices, so don’t turn around and run the other way if you’re an Apple-sort-of-guy/gal.

There WILL be some rude language here and there, but nothing that will shock you or offend you to much, and if it does, i won’t make you visit me again. I will allow for discussion in the comments field, but please, don’t get to personal.

So there, that’s my first post in my newest blog. Phew… I’m getting rather excited here!

So come on in; read, leave a comment, do whatever you want, i’m not your boss. 🙂 But I bet I could be.